This was the first CPR project. This property was completely destroyed inside and in poor condition outside. It had over $100,000 in code violations fines and penalties, unpaid utility bills and back taxes. The bank had stopped the foreclosure process and the owner had moved to Louisville, KY years ago (thinking the bank foreclosed the property).

Community Champions found the owners and coordinated the transfer of ownership to a nonprofit and provided a CPR loan to clear
title and to rehab the property. They also assisted with a successful petition to Palm Beach County Code Enforcement to lower the penalties so that it would be financially feasible for this property to be completely rehabbed and resold. In 153 days the process was completed, the property sold at market price and the CPR loan repaid. Now, these funds were ready to redeploy to another revitalization project. This project provided Community Champions with a great learning experience and generated ideas on how to expand its operations.

Before Photos

West Tortuga – After

Currently, the CPR program has competed 18 projects since West Palm and Wakefield and is currently engaged in 8 simultaneous revitalization projects located in Tampa, Pasco County, Plant City, Ft Myers and Jacksonville, Florida. These projects range from construction of a new home in Tampa to the rehab of a vintage home in a historic section of Jacksonville, FL (shown on right).

Total projects to date: 33
Total CPR funds distributed: $ 2,052,241