DescIcons-1CPR Stands for “Community Property Revitalization”. Community Champions likes to think that what it does is a way of performing CPR on these properties – bringing them back to LIFE!

CPR Partnerships
In the last 12 months, Community Champions has expanded its CPR program to include a coalition of four nonprofit partners. They are currently rehabbing multiple properties in various locations of Florida, and are looking for additional nonprofits in other locations that will fit this model and who want to join this revitalization coalition.


How to Join the Community Champions Revitalization Coalition

Community Champions is working to expand the influence of its CPR program to more communities. With each project and with the shared input of its coalition of nonprofits, the CPR program is gaining knowledge, attracting funds and improving processes. It plans to assist in the revitalization of properties in targeted communities throughout the country. If you are a nonprofit and are interested in becoming a CPR coalition partner, please contact:

RonCommunity Champions Revitalization Division & Champions Funding
Ron Mulberry (321) 574-6104