Investment Overview

Crunching The Numbers

Champions Funding LLC – Managing the Florida Communities Revitalization Fund

Investment Overview

As with all investment opportunities, there are risks.  However, with Champions Funding proven past performance, its successful 5-Step Acquisition/Rehab/Resell approach, and its strategic joint venture strategy, those risks are significantly mitigated.

(See Investment Summary for specific Investment Opportunity Details and Projected Exit Strategies).

Champions Funding LLC manages the the Florida Communities Revitalization Fund. The company plans to:

*Raise up to $5,000,000 (with a minimum of $1,000,000) from the sale of Class A Securities Units in the Company to investors.

*The minimum investment amount required of a single investor to participate in the Company is $25,000.

*Members are expected to receive regular distributions of Distributable Cash generated by the sale or rentals of project properties.

*Distributions are expected to begin 12 months after the Minimum Amount of capital is raised and funds are released from escrow.  Community Champions anticipates the average rehabilitation time of an individual property from acquisition to resell to be approximately nine (9) months.

*Investors shall receive a preferred annualized return (See Investment Summary for specific investment details).

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