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Champions Funding LLC



The Florida Communities Revitalization Fund is:

  • A Florida Limited Liabilities Corporation,
  • Managed by Community Champions Corporation, an Independent Industry Leader in Property Registration, Property Restoration & Property Resale.
  • Urban renewal specialists focused on funding joint-venture affordable housing projects.

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About Our Parent Company:

Community Champions Corporation.

In accordance with our mission Community Champions’ sole focus has been on partnering with local communities towards the best possible outcomes in Property Registration compliance.  Based on our track record of success we are now trusted in over 70 communities to deliver their Property Registration Program while assisting with Property Revitalization.

Community Champions is healthy, debt free and profitable.  We are based in Melbourne, Florida but we have relationship managers located throughout the country who can assist your local government with the creation and implementation of programs structured to fit your compliance needs. There’s no cost for our services, we simply keep a portion of the generated program fees. With our dedicated team working full-time to monitor compliance, we’ve proven that our programs consistently yield favorable results… beyond the expectations of our partner communities.

The primary reason we are successful in providing value to our partner communities is our people. Our experts become extensions of the staff of our government partners, focused exclusively on the successful implementation and management of compliance programs.